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Moussé Fils


Photo de Cédric Moussé, Champagne Moussé Fils
Champagne Moussé Fils Les Vignes de mon village

AboutMoussé Fils

Deeply Meunier is the motto of this domaine located in the heart of the Marne Valley (Vallée de la Marne), in the village of Cuisles. Grower from father to son since 1650 and wine maker for the last 4 generations, Cédric Moussé and his family has succeeded giving back Meunier its former nobility while putting this variety at the heart of their project.

Cédric is on perpetual research, eager to learn, to understand and cultivate his knowledge. This personality trait delivers a precise vision of the property soil and sub soil, major winemaking innovations (share at a larger scale for the entire Champagne appellation) and finally closeness and will to share with champagne connoisseurs.

At first, his wines are accessible and appealing (just like the winemaker) but they happen to be deeper and more complex than they appear. The wines of Cédric Moussé are tasty, digestible, smooth, mineral and saline without forgetting the fruitiness.

For Cédric, life unwinds from the vineyard to the kitchen for the happiness of epicureans champagne lovers.

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Champagne Moussé Fils Les Vignes de mon village

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