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Preferential access to an additional level of complexity with vintage, single-plot, mono-varietal and limited-edition champagnes.

In this case :

  • Champagne Benoît Déhu Rue des Noyers Rosé
  • Champagne Mouzon-Leroux L’Incandescent
  • Champagne Egly-Ouriet Grand Cru Brut Rosé
  • Champagne Veuve Fourny Rosé Monts de Vertus Extra Brut
  • Champagne La Closerie Fac Similé
  • Champagne Frédéric Savart Bulles de Rosé
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  • Rue des Noyers Rosé

  • Benoît Déhu

    Cuvée Rue des Noyers Rosé
  • The Champagne Rosé La Rue des Noyers by Benoît Dehu comes from a single vine, the Meunier, and from a single parcel (lieu-dit) of about 1.7 hectares, located in the village of Fossoy. It is an Extra Brut Rosé de Saignée with a low final dosage, extremely deep and intense, very pure and well-structured.

  • L'Incandescent

  • Mouzon-Leroux

    Cuvée L'Incandescent
  • Incandescence : «Incandescence is the emission of electromagnetic radiation (including visible light) from a hot body as a result of its temperature. The term derives from the Latin verb incandescere, to glow white.». 100% Verzy Grand Cru, Grande Montagne de Reims 100% Pinot Noir Rosé of macération: 25 hours skin contact Wine brought up on lies in barrels or tanks for 6 months Aging in cellar "sur lattes" : 28 month in average Extra-Brut: 2,5 gr/liter iodic sensation, Velvety mouth feel.

  • Grand Cru Brut Rosé

  • Egly-Ouriet

    Cuvée Grand Cru Brut Rosé
  • This Rosé is a Champagne that combines finesse and intensity. Made from Pinot Noir (65%), Chardonnay (35%) with the addition of 5% 2009 Ambonnay Rouge. 90% of the grapes coming from the Grand Cru vineyard of Ambonnay and the rest coming from Grand Cru Verzenay and Bouzy Fermented and aged in older barrel. No malolactic fermentation. Cellar aged sur lattes for 60 months. 3 g/L dosage On the nose, floral notes that birng to mind rose fragrance. Then aromas of red berries. On the palet, this cuvée is full and round. Very precise and pure. Few degrees more reveal extra lengh and power.

  • Rosé Monts de Vertus Extra Brut

  • Veuve Fourny

    Cuvée Rosé Monts de Vertus Extra Brut
  • 100% Pinot Noir from Vertus and more specifically from the lieux-dits «Les Rougemonts» et «Les Gilottes ». Made 100% out of the Cuvée (the best juice). From one vintage only. Saignée Rosé (bleeding process, skin contact) delivers wine with great intensity, visually, on the nose and on the pallet: fragrances of small red berries, density, length that lingers forever. Dosage: Extra brut 3 grammes / liter (from grapes natural sugar) To be paired with top Italian or Spanish ham. Limited quantities produced. Atypical rosé that will bring you unique tasting sensations.

  • Fac Similé

  • La Closerie

    Cuvée Fac Similé
  • Blend : 100% Meunier – Blended process Rosé 87% base wine Les Beguines + 13% still red wine from Les Beguines. Selection of Meunier parcels. Spontaneous fermentation without S02. 228l Barrel aging for 10 months then gentle and slow bottling; Annual production of 3 300 bottles. Low dosage, this rosé is a splendid success. A great gastronomy wine.

  • Bulles de Rosé

  • Frédéric Savart

    Cuvée Bulles de Rosé
  • Blend: 79% Pinot Noir - 21% Chardonnay and 8% Pinot Noir red wine. With its rose-petal hue and predominance of ripe, well-developed red fruit compote aromas on the nose, this well-structured, vinous wine strikes the perfect balance between intensity and elegance.

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