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Meunier Case


Top Quality Single variety Champagne with strong identity

Go on the tasting experience with a single cépage angle discovering the three main varieties of Champagne (Chardonnay, Meunier and Pinot Noir). More than those exceptional cuvées proposed in the three cases, it’s a rare opportunity to taste six different signatures of the same variety.

In this Case :

  • Champagne Jean-Marc Sélèque Cuvée Soliste Meunier
  • Champagne Cédric Moussé Cuvée Les vignes de mon village
  • Champagne Dehours Cuvée Les vignes de la vallée
  • Champagne Benoît Dehu Cuvée Rue des Noyers
  • Champagne Egly Ouriet Cuvée Les Vignes de Vrigny
  • Champagne La Closerie Cuvée Les Béguines

More informations about this box
  • Soliste Meunier

  • Jean-Marc Sélèque

    Cuvée Soliste Meunier
  • The gold standard for Meunier cuvées in the Champagne region. Blend: 100% Pinot Meunier from the 'Les Gouttes d'Or' parcel in Pierry. 1,800 bottles produced. Soliste owes its nobility to an exceptional terroir and vines planted between 1951 and 1953 (massal selection). A wine steeped in history.

  • Les Vignes de mon village

  • Moussé Fils

    Cuvée Les Vignes de mon village
  • 100% Meunier – Blanc de Noirs This cuvée is a tribute to Jean Marc Moussé, the father of Cédric passionate about Meunier and also mayor of HIS village Cuisle for 25 years. 100% Meunier, only from the best years. Les Vignes de Mon Village is a « Spéciale » cuvée coming only from the Cuisle, a pride into the Moussé family. This blanc de Meuniers is a wine of generosity, sharing, testimony but also of memory. Aged in bottles sealed with cork to reach more complexity. Fine and delicate bubbles. Aged for 24 month in the cellar. True Champagne of gastronomy. For a optimum expression, serve in large with wine glasses before tasting. Oxygenation helps reveal this gem. ▪ Zéro dosage : 0g/l.

  • Les Vignes de la vallée

  • Dehours

    Cuvée Les Vignes de la vallée
  • This cuvée mainly from Meunier with significant proportion of solera reserve wine started in 1998 and extended aging time in bottle. From 42 to 54 months in bottles before shipping. Dosage : 7 g/l. Generous and wide, mature and lingering fragrances style The recommended pairings are Jabugo ham, foie gras on toast, old Comté cheese, caviar or simply by itself at the aperitif.

  • Rue des Noyers

  • Benoît Déhu

    Cuvée Rue des Noyers
  • A single parcel, a single variety (Meunier), a specific wine making (oak barrel), zero dosage. The first nose shows iodic fragrance mixed with spicy notes like cumin and nutmeg. After breathing this Champagne reveals notes of pepper mint, baked apple, plum, mandarin, orange blossom, almond, quince, peach, roasted pineapple, honey, fig and roasting. Richness and freshness on the pallet with a creamy integrated bubble. Fruity, spherical, saline and lingering. « La Rue des Noyers » is a haute couture Champagne that reveals nuances of this promising terroir.

  • Les Vignes de Vrigny

  • Egly-Ouriet

    Cuvée Les Vignes de Vrigny
  • 100% Meunier from the Vrigny vineyard classified premier cru. Blend from 2013 (for 50%), 30% of 2012 and 20% of 2011. Bottled in 2014. The cuvée is way more than an entry level. We are already talking about high level Champagne with density. Les Vignes de Vrigny propose a delicate bouquet and a gentle mouth feel. The wine is elegant, spherical and its bubbles refined.

  • Les Béguines

  • La Closerie

    Cuvée Les Béguines
  • Blend: 94% Pinot Meunier (massal selection) - 2% Pinot Gris (massal selection) - 2% Chardonnay (massal selection) Spontaneous fermentation –malolactic fermentation depending on circumstances – Aged for 10 months in wood on full lees in different-sized casks (225 to 600 litres) made from different woods. Bottled using gravity. This truly unique wine with its distinctive character is vinified using the Burgundy method.

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